Herman’s Railway Exchange Building

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This week I’m steering away from the little-known-near-ruins that have frequented my blog posts and turning to what may or may not be a lesser appreciated downtown skyscraper, the Railway Exchange Building at 229 East Wisconsin Avenue. The idea arose after a … Continued

Reduce, reuse, recycle

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As a whole, society has become diligent at recycling cans, bottles, plastic containers, cardboard boxes, and paper products. We sign up for e-statements and newsletters and utilize reusable canvas shopping bags, and install energy efficient appliances and systems. Vegetarians and … Continued

Looking Up

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Welcome to RazedinMilwaukee. My name is Megan E. Daniels. This is my blog.  I would like to take a moment here to lay out my intentions for what lies ahead. Through regular posts and images, I aspire to provide Milwaukee’s residents … Continued