19: Shenanigans

View Larger Map The unassuming building at the corner of North Arlington Place and Brady Street has a long history dating to the start of the Polish neighborhood that once thrived between Brady Street and the river. St. Hedwig was … Continued

18: Sherman Perk

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Ex Fabula’s Terminal Milwaukee Event at Sherman Perk Coffee Shop, 4924 West Roosevelt Drive. A former gas station turned coffee shop, the venue was selected for its incredible community history and role in … Continued

17: Turner Hall Ballroom

In the vein of promoting great adaptive reuses that participate in our everyday, or at least every-weekend lives, I look to Turner Hall. A building that is of great significance to Milwaukee’s German heritage, the Turner Society, social and political … Continued

16: The Avalon

View Larger Map Milwaukee once boasted a grand array of movie palaces: the Princess, the Butterfly, the Zenith; each complete with a dazzling marquee and elaborately lit sign to draw in the crowds. The movie theater became the social hub … Continued

14: Newspaper Row

On the north side East Mason between Water Street and Broadway, at 216-222 East Mason Street, two buildings stand to attest to what was once referred to as Newspaper Row. The block between Water and Broadway once contained the headquarters … Continued

Day 13: Sunrise

Sunrise is the sort of place I have in mind when I talk about buildings that are a part of our daily lives. Countless people pass by the neighborhood market while commuting via Locust Street, a continual succession of neighborhood … Continued

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